Acquaint make available for reprint services which users can take benefit of and get hard copies of the open access articles published which they are paying attention in. All published articles are accessible in different formats such as PDF, XML and HTML on the article webpage, thus making it highly convenient and hassle free to save any articles on Acquaint that you find helpful. Authors could send an E-mail to the editorial office with the following requirements in order to get the reprints.

Article Title

Number of copies

Cover Image (If required)

Shipping Address

Consent from the co-authors

There is a separate charge for the reprints. The cost depends on the number of prints required and there is no price cut or exemption in cost of reprints. Authors can order unlimited copies of their article.

100 Copies

200 Copies

500 Copies

1000 Copies

Contact for reprints

Email: [email protected]


Acquaint is an open-access publisher and all the published articles can be accessed unrestrictedly and reuse or reprint, however, there are certain things for which the permission from the publisher and or corresponding is mandatory to reuse or reproduce. In case of reuse of published data, figures and patented work, authors must get approval from the publisher. Removal of author credits or misrepresentation of any published article content can lead you to issues with the author of the said article. The user is requested to send an e-mail to the journal editorial office to get permission, therefore, it will be communicated to the editor of the journal and corresponding authors to get permission to reuse or reproduce.

For more information you can drop a e-mail at: [email protected]